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If you live in a northern climate, it is a general feeling to want to flee to a warmer place as soon as the snow starts to fly. Some people plan a large part of their holiday time at work around vacation packages to hot places in the dead of winter. Getting out of the cold for a few weeks in January or February can really do much to break up the monotony of winter and help you get some much needed sunshine on your face. And, with so many destinations competing for your vacation dollars, you will never be without a variety of vacation deals to choose from.

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how do you get lower than advertised all inclusive vacation packages?
I am looking to book a vacation to cuba and have a package picked out already. Just wondering if anyone knows how to get the package cheaper that it is advertised on the websites. Flying from Toronto to Varadero Cuba Jan 14 2012 til Jan 21 2012
  • Not likely you can-unless you wait around for a last-minute deal;which might leave you wishing you'd booked sooner. These packages are all purchased (or assembled)by travel agents in advance.The packages are usually "all inclusive"-that's flight-meals-booze-hotel so you can't pick and choose what you want or don't want.You can act as your own travel agent and book everything individually yourself-but you won't save any money likely and you have to go through the hassle of getting your own "Cuban Tourist Card"-it's kind of like a 1 week visa(which you need to get on a plane for Cuba-you can only get them through a tour operator or Cuban consulate-airlines don't issue them)..If I were you I'd go ahead and book now lest you not be left (literally) out in the cold.
  • You can ask for a lower rate under such conditions as: - getting others to accompany you on the same trip - getting a price quote for other dates that are "out of season" - reduce or eliminate some of the extra features included in your trip - ask for a discount when paying in full before you leave - ask for a cheaper hotel - fly economy fares
  • Login the priceline.com, throw in any ridiculously low price to see if there is a taker.

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