Nothing Better Than A Cottage In The Summer


The Victoria weekend in May is a special date for many cottagers in Muskoka. It is time to bring up the cottage for another summer. The checklist is reviewed and in anticipation, talk centers around this yearly ritual of opening the cottage.

The Labor Day weekend marks the end of the cottage and this, too, is a yearly ritual that creates much bonding among family members. Slowly, though, these rituals are changing with cottages now becoming primary residences for many families. Cottages are now comfortable even in the winter that people go all year round with all the modern comforts. Still, for most of us who only summer in our cottages, the Victoria weekend is the day. From then on, the whole summer all you hear about from cottagers will be mostly on this special place: The Cottage.

Some Summer Cottage Ideas

In our family and small circle of friends with cottages around us, there is an agreed upon date when we can begin to talking about the bungalow. We are allowed to speak about the cottage starting March. We try not to before that. But going to the cottage has a very special meaning for those Ontarians who've this all their lives. They seem to be talking of a very special place, more special than their houses in the city.

Finns love their cottages. The cottage is the summer house and the place for spending long holidays. It is the place for escape and relax, getaway from the city and place to be without restrictions from the social pressure. Nowadays is getting more common to visit the cottage at winter times also; however, most cottages have been furnished only to be summer homes, and the vital elements like heating are missing from the cottages.

Featuring 40 old Muskoka cottages built for many of the Americam moguls who summered in Muskoka, this is full of stories of the life then and how Muskoka has grown to become what it's like now. Even then, it was already a playground for many Americans who loved the natural beauty of the place.

What's really enjoyable about the cottage is often you'll find places to spend some moments of solitude and rest the mind from any social interaction. This is more true when the cottage isn't connected. What bliss.

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This book contains pictures that will inspire you to make your cottage more casual and fun to be in.

The Cottage. This is our summer home in Canada now. We have given up our city home as all of us want to look in the cottage when we're in Canada which is summer for all of us in the family. As family members are in Europe and with us working in Asia, this is the place where we see each other every summer.

We all Summer in the cottage. For us, an experience of family, togetherness, tradition, stability, simplicity, friendship, and history. We have given up homes, lived in the various countries, and given up many things. The Cottage is the only constant in our lives. All the grand children have never missed a summer in the cottage. The Cottage for us is in Skeleton Lake, a smaller lake beside the 3 big lakes of Muskoka. It boasts, however, of its crystal clear lake water not found in the great lakes.

Now, one of the most beautiful things about summer has to become the summer cottage we have, and the time our family was in a position to spend at the lake. But it just would not be the same if we had not invested in a few of seadoos in order to take advantage of the lake and visit our neighbours and the neighbouring beaches. I almost feel stranded at our cottage if we do not have some way of getting out on the water, and the seadoos are just so convenient and fun, it has to a pretty miserable day for us not to be out on the lake. Until it's time to pack them up under the sea-doo covers and haul them home, they barely see any dock time.

For many Ontarians in Canada, going to the cottage evokes memories of a life time when as kids they all troop to the cottage to get a life nearer to nature, let go of the requirements of city life and live a life free of the encumbrances of modern amenities. It is time to try their hard earned do it yourself skills from hours of browsing through Home Depot, for the guys in the family.

The joy of having the family and preparing food together is adequate to draw them there every weekend, for the women. It is special, for the kids. They can play all the time, swim, explore the forest, feed on food their doting grandparents allow them to eat and somehow everyone is more relaxed and having fun.

As I didn't grow up in Canada, the cottage isn't part of my psyche. It is beautiful and I like being there but I do not have the same attachment to it. This came after more than 20 years of being there every summer. Just like the remainder of the family, I often catch myself saying wherever we travel,' Oh that is just like the cottage'.

Reading is either of the things one do in the cottage. And what better to read than a book on either of the icons of Muskoka, the Royal Mail Ship, Segwun built in 1887. Considered the oldest operating steamship in North America, this ship offers cruises for cottagersand visitors to enjoy.

Written by the famous historian Richard Tatley, this book won the American Association for State and Local History Best Regional Book Award. This era represents one of the most interesting times in Muskoka's history.

Before you take the plunge to purchase a summer cottage, rent one first. This way, you'll have an idea of the things required of a cottage owner. It may not be for you. Or, you might enjoy it immensely you cannot wait to get one. Here is one area in Muskoka you might like.

A run down summer cottage will run you around $100, 000 if it's on the water. And in a nice location. People tend to rent in the field's they like the most and when it is time to buy they're looking along the same area. Cottages are easy to sell when they fixed up and ready for permanent use.

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Why is the cottage so special for many Ontarians? Why do many especially from Toronto drive through many hours of traffic every Friday evening and do this again Sunday evening? When we were in Ottawa, we drove the required 4-5 hours every weekend to be in our cottage. Many families in Ottawa drive only a short time because they have cottages in the Rideau. But ours which we have inherited from my husband's parents require this drive. Not a complaint at all from any family member, only anticipation and excitement to be there.

There are a million fun things to do especially for the kids. They meet family members they normally do not see the whole year. They share life with a much larger family. They can go fishing with grandpa or cook with grandma. They can learn new water sports each year from canoeing to kayaking, driving boats, sailing, skiing, fishing, and swimming.

This magazine gives you plenty of valuable information on managing and enjoying your cottage as well as entertaining and funny stories on cottage life.

Many cottage owners often make assessment as to to what extent they spend on the cottage. Each year, as taxes and insurance go up, they start thinking whether it is useful to spending so much for upkeep for a place used only for 2 or 3 months. The debate continues until it becomes very hard for some people to keep the property. Some inherited their cottages, as well as a number are now retired. Real estate has gone up and so has taxes that cottage owners living on retirement income are no longer able to keep their property with many people buying into the area. Some have sold out b ut a number want to still keep it for their families so they rent these at certain times. The debate continues on whether it is actually worth having a cottage. Share us your own thoughts.

Cottages are places where memories abound. It is here that we mark heights of grandchildren at certain ages. It is here that we keep family mementos treasured by the family and kept for everyone to enjoy. The old table lamp that great grandpa did, grandpa's first project in school, and grandmother's special tea pot. Recipes are kept as well to be savoured only in the cottage. It does not taste the even in the city. Pictures abound as well and each year, these are looked into hoping for new insights and surprises.

Days in the cottage are often spent creating your own adventure. The cottage environment offers more challenges and fun for the kids. Nature is the biggest competitor.

Listen to the appeal of the Loon. Watch the chipmunks gather food for the winter. Listen to the birds especially the hummingbird whizz by.

These are only a few. There are other fabulous things you can think of. You are only limited by your imagination as to things you can enjoy in your summer cottage.

Playing with simple things in nature contribute something to the growing up experience of these kids.

Traditions develop and grow. We even have movies we watch every year without fail. This has taken the place of the slides great grandpa has shown of their travels. We each have our favourite accessories or furniture. It took us forever to abandon the a couch as one of the grandsons really love to sit on it. Even the paint of the cottage cannot be changed easily. The cottage seems to be given to the continuity and stability so much lacking in many family lives these days.

Once, friends came with their guitars and sang with the kids around the fire. The kids got very interested after that to return to their musical instruments.

Often, just the family around the fire is a bonding experience. Share with your neighbours and double the fun.

In the summer, something cool is often welcome. Kids especially like ice cream and this machine will make it for you. Not only ice cream but yogurt and sorbet which are more healthy for the family.

This is a dream book for those who loves ice cream. It gives you all the instructions you need to provide your ice cream its unique quality, custom flavoured for each one.

This floating dock which we christened The Garlic has contributed so much fun in our summer cottage. We can bring it to the center of the lake and swim there with motor attached.

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