Warm Vacation Spots - Elements To Consider


Now that you have recovered from Christmas and New Year 's, you'd be thinking about winter vacation ideas. Taking a great winter vacation is a great way to fight the all-too-prevalent problem of depression that sets in during January and February, when the weather in most of the U.S. is dark, cold, and dreary this time of year. Winter getaways might include activities like skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, snow tubing, snowboarding, or ice skating. Or, if you are dreaming of warm winter vacations, perhaps you are thinking more along the lines of swimming, surfing, or sunbathing. We folks living in the Southeast are lucky. Many of us can take advantage of all the mentioned activities without needing to travel too far! And even better, we can normally take advantage of some pretty cheap winter vacations.

Why can we find so many cheap winter vacations here in the Southeast? Let's face it - the South is not known for typical winter activities like skiing, so the few ski resorts in the Southeast are relatively cheap when compared to ski resorts in the Northeast and in the West. To attract paying customers, these places often provide some attractive winter vacation deals. And if you are looking for warm winter vacations, you can head to Florida. Believe it or not, you can get some cheap winter vacations in Florida, especially in the north and central regions of the state. 'warm ' is a relative term, of course. Compare to the weather in the north, and mid-Atlantic states, coastal winter getaway vacations in Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama will feel downright balmy.

For really warm winter vacations, where you can enjoy swimming in the Gulf, you will need to travel farther south. Be careful, though. If you are target is cheap winter vacations, you will commonly find the farther south you go in Florida, the higher the prices. That's because so many 'snowbirds ' winter in the state. Even so, if you stick to central Florida, you can get some great winter vacation spots that will not break the bank. One is Anna Maria Island, located just south of Tampa. It's strange, though: some lodgings in Anna Maria Island are cheaper in the winter, and some are not, so you will really need to shop around when choosing your winter getaway vacations. You'll love this little island! It's warm enough in the winter months for water and beach activities. It's uncrowded and totally laid back.

Mission Beach is a popular Southern California destination for those looking for an active and fun-filled vacation. Mission Beach is popular with those interested in bicycling, rollerblading, jet-skiing, swimming, beach, and surfing volleyball. The fun never stops in Mission Beach, with several gorgeous beaches and plenty of lovely Mission Beach vacation rentals. We offer many Mission Beach rentals that are literally just steps from the beach, with dramatic views and ready access to restaurants, nightlife, and family activities. You will be tremendously happy with your Southern California vacation when you stay in Mission Beach.

Pacific Beach, near Mission Beach and located within San Diego, is full of character and charm and has its unique personality. There are beautiful stretches of sandy beaches to wander and relax on. The ocean is filled with surfers and boaters. Pacific Beach hosts several festivals each year. It likewise has its own pier and shopping mall with bright and fun shops. A Pacific Beach rental is a great home base for your Southern California vacation, where you'll be close to plenty of beach activities as same as the many great San Diego attractions.

You can find a number of cheap winter vacations in Georgia. The Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia are absolutely beautiful. You will be surprised at how inexpensive many hotels and cabins are in January and February. We like to take the grandkids for a mountain vacation when it snows there. This is just a few days a year. We live in South Georgia, so snow is truly a treat for us. Towns like Dillard, Clayton, and Hiawassee usually slash their lodging rates in winter. You might also enjoy visiting Helen, Georgia's Bavarian village. You can find lodgings there for under $50 a night in the winter.

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